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    Peritoneal and Staff-Assisted Home Hemodialysis

     Elik Dialysis is a Texas based dialysis provider. We currently serve Houston, Dallas and their surrounding cities. We provide interim in-center dialysis, home-assisted hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Our certified and licensed staff are dedicated to our patient’s health and comfort.  

    It’s Your Life, Your Choice! At Elik Dialysis we passionately support home dialysis. Patients who dialyze at home enjoy more freedom, more control and an overall better quality of life all in the comfort of their own home. Imagine not having to leave your home three times a week to dialyze, instead having a nurse come to you or even being able to dialyze yourself. In addition to the convenience of home dialysis, there are numerous health benefits including fewer hospital stays.

                                                              Call us today (800) 761-7177

    We are a Medicare certified facility, and the ONLY Medicare certified facility in the Dallas area.

     We welcome everyone to share their stories, join us for support group,  and hear about the experiences of others. Whether you are on dialysis, are pre-esrd, or just want to educate yourself about End Stage Renal Disease, come listen in and learn that you are not alone. See calendar in support and resources tab for meeting dates

    Apply for a RN/LVN nursing position fax with a resume to (713)861-7502; *Applicants must have a minimum of 24 months dialysis experience, within the last 18 months*