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    Our Mission

    Elik Dialysis’s mission is to

    • help people with kidney disease lead productive lives
    • educate patients and their families about renal disease
    • provide total commitment and respect not only to our patients and their families, but also physicians, their staff and our partners.

    Based in Houston, Texas, Elik Dialysis is licensed in Home Health Services with a Home Dialysis Designation. With a combined 80 years of industry experience, we are dedicated and devoted to our patients, making sure that they receive the utmost in quality care with meaningful outcomes.

    We recognize your health is a great gift. And we look forward to the opportunity to help you best manage it.


    Balbi Godwin, RN

    Founder, President and CEO

    Elik Dialysis is a passion project for Balbi Godwin. Balbi was a Director of Operations for a large dialysis clinic. While there, she noticed how patients who chose home peritoneal dialysis seemed healthier and happier. She began educating herself about home dialysis and soon realized her observations were correct. Studies show that home dialysis allows for a better quality of life as well as improved life expectancy and less hospitalization from infection. This inspired Balbi to begin her own dialysis clinic that specialized in home dialysis.

    Balbi then established Elik Dialysis. Naming it after her mother who, although she could not read or write, was a woman of dignity and intelligence. This seemed appropriate since so many dialysis patients deserved more dignity in their treatment than a group in-center clinic could offer.

    Balbi’s qualifications are numerous. She is a sought after speaker for renal disease, a nurse of 32 years, Texas Emergency ESRD Coalition steering committee member and past Chairman, American Nephrology Nurses’ Association (ANNA) member and past President, and the founder of the ANNA Chapter in Austin (Heart of Texas). Her exemplary work is well recognized among her peers and throughout the End Stage Renal Disease community.

    Dr. Amber Podoll

    Medical Director

    As Medical Director for Elik Dialysis, Dr. Podoll oversees our dialysis services. She is a home dialysis advocate as well as a warm, highly-qualified physician.
    Dr. Podoll is a Board Certified Nephrologist, and Assistant Professor for The Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Renal Disease and Hypertension, at the University of Texas Health Science Center.